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MEIOTE Platform

Plug & Play IIoT Applications

Industrial IoT and SCADA as a Service

MEIOTE Box rapidly connects your assets, and MEIOTE applications help you monitoring and controlling your processes according to industrial standards.



All your Production, Maintenance, Quality, Supply Chain applications run on the same MEIOTE Platform.

Industrial & Scalable

All your equipment and enterprise systems connected to MEIOTE platform, possibly receiving commands from MEIOTE applications.

No Infrastructure Costs

State-of-the-art Cloud-based IIoT Platform without need of any infrastructure, including ISO27001 Data Security Certification

Control your Spending

Pay for the applications you need and the usage you make of them.

Become Greener

Minimize your CO2 footprint with our highly performant event-based technology which requires limited IT resources.

Payback < 3 months

Fast onboarding, cost-effective implementation, and value-focused applications.

Quick Implementation

Create Your Account
Register and request your free online account.
Plug & Play MEIOTE Box
After registration, receive your Plug & Play MEIOTE Box.
Connect Your Equipment
Securely connect your machines and equipment to MEIOTE Platform.
Choose your Apps
Monitor continuously your equipment and install additional apps.
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Estimate your IoT Edge Cost

Savings Calculator - enter data ...
1. The size of your team operating and maintaining your machines and equipment.
2.The value in kEUR of your machines and equipment that will be monitored by MEIOTE.
3.The breakeven time in months when you will recover your initial kickoff costs.
4. The estimated saving in kEUR after 6 months of using MEIOTE applications with your team and equipment.
The calculation includes the subscription to the Cloud Platform and Applications, the estimated implementation costs and necessary MEIOTE Boxes for connecting your machines and equipment. Payback and savings are estimated according to improved asset usage and team performance.
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Key Features


MEIOTE applications generate quick impact and value, from improving your operation performance to reducing your maintenance costs.

Schedule today a demo and get an overview of MEIOTE and its applications.
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Flexible and Customizable

Our team can quickly customize MEIOTE for your needs and integrate any system or implement and business or control logic required.

Cloud + Edge

MEIOTE is available as a Cloud-based service so users need no additional infrastructure to install and maintain on their side.

The MEIOTE Edge Box provides further onsite availability and performance for highly demanding applications.

MEIOTE is the only solution in the market that can provide state-of-the-art Cloud-based SCADA and Control Systems.

Web-Based User Interface

Based on Web Standards, MEIOTE does not require users to install any software to access the whole power of its applications and control dashboards.

Use your Web Browser from your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and visualize and operate your production system


Efficient redundant Historian to keep track of the historical values of your parameters.

Upload exiting data into MEIOTE Historian.

Powerful Trending

Multiple options and features to visualize your historical and real time data in trends, bar charts, etc.

Integrate trends in your dashboards to provide valuable insights to your operations and maintenance teams.

Scales with User Needs

User can start as small as needed today, with the confidence that they can scale up as fast and as big as they require later on.

MEIOTE is designed to be cost-effective from very small system to larger ones with millions of control parameters.

Multi-Screen & Multi-User

MEIOTE scales according to your needs with the capability to handle hundreds of thousands of controlled parameters with interfaces on desktops, industrial tablets, HMIs and mobiles.

You can manage a list of users and privileges or integrate MEIOTE with your corporate authentication system for maximum consistency.

Different languages for the user interfaces are available.

Industry and IoT Ready

Support for an extensive list industrial and IoT communication protocols.

Independently of your machine and equipment vendors, MEIOTE seamlessly integrates them so you can quickly start using its applications.

Due to its openness and flexible API, MEIOTE allow for quick integration of custom-made drivers when required.

Contact us to get more info on any specific driver you need to use.
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High Availability

An Industrial-Grade Cloud based system providing many levels of redundancy provide with a highly available system without the need of making investments in onsite infrastructures which require continuous maintenance.

MEIOTE provides higher availability than typical IoT Cloud or onsite solutions.

Our team of infrastructure specialist guarantees MEIOTE operation 24/7.

3D Visualization

3D visualization helps you perform better decision making and provide efficient maintenance. It lets operators react faster with precise visual confirmation.

The alerted parts are always highlighted along with the list of possible causes and solutions.

Runs with Existing Assets

Users can start getting the benefits of MEIOTE applications without the need of replacing their current software, modifying their infrastructure or adding new sensors to their operations.

Start quick and control your cost by integrating your existing equipment, system and databases and only replace or acquire new ones when you are sure you will get greater value.

Multi-Enterprise Ready

Share operational data with your selected supply chain partners and create a network of Multi-Enterprise applications with unprecedented access to highly valuable data streams.

Partners are always in control of the data streams they share due to Cleverdist patented technology for protected data sharing.

Enterprise System Integration

Easily integrate your Enterprise Systems, EPR, MES, Asset Management, etc. with MEIOTE so you can automate and optimize your processes and reduce the paperwork.

Secured Data Connection

All communication from your site to MEIOTE Cloud are encrypted using standard state-of-the-art encryption mechanism so your data is completely secured.

In addition, if you chose to explore the advantages of sharing operational data with your supply chain partners using Multi-Enterprise applications, you will always be in control of the data streams you share due to our patented protected data sharing technology.

Reliable Alarm System

Certified industrial alarm system allowing for a variety of configurable thresholds.

Summary alarms and an Alert reduction mechanism ensure you are protected from Alarm Avalanches and never miss a relevant operation warning.

Technical specifications

Drivers / Interfaces

  • OPC UA, OPC, SIMATIC S7, MQTT, PROFINET/PROFISAFE, TLS, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, SNMP, BACnet, SSI, IEC 60870-5-101, -104, DNP3, SINAUT, IEC 61850/61400
  • Any other driver on request


  • Event-based architecture supporting up to 10s of millions of controlled parameters.
  • Multiple concurrent screens supported


  • Available in different languages on request
  • Available for solutions requiring user interfaces supporting multiple languages, with user preferred language integration


  • IoT Box for industrial data acquisition
  • Industrial rugged box
  • Rail mounted if required
  • Dimensions: 35mm x 117mm x 80mm
  • 2 Ethernet ports, possible Serial (RS-232, RS-485) and Wi-Fi

Multi-Screen, Multi-User

  • Multiple concurrent users
  • Desktop, Smart TV, tablet and mobile interfaces supported
  • Integrates with corporate authentication system (e.g. AD, LDAP) if required

High Availability

  • Hot Standby redundancy if required
  • Automatic switch over and recovery
  • Redundant networks supported

Alarm System

  • VDI 3699 / DIN 19235
  • Digital and Analog alert with configurable thresholds
  • Summary alarms
  • Alert reduction for Alarm Avalanches
  • Alarms integrated in trends
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