Multi-Enterprise IoT Platform and Applications. Open and Secured Business Processes with your Partners
Multi-Enterprise IoT Applications. Open and Secured Business Processes with your Partners
MEIOTE IIoT Platform by Cleverdist

MEIOTE is Cleverdist IIoT platform to rapidly connect, monitor and control your assets and processes. With broad support for industrial communication standards, you can efficiently integrate and digitalize your equipment and link to your existing business applications. Available as a service, MEIOTE minimizes your infrastructure costs as you expand your digital transformation.

With its scalable architecture, MEIOTE covers your needs, from individual machine monitoring to global control centers.

Patented secure data sharing enables you to safely share data with partners outside the boundary of your enterprise. This will unleash the value of your process data and grow an ecosystem of trusted IIoT partners.

Digitalize your hardware assets and business processes
MEIOTE’s IIoT platform, provided as a service, gives the flexibility and scalability to rapidly see a return on your investment. MEIOTE’s support for industrial communication protocols provides the connectivity needed to integrate your equipment. With functionality ranging from alarming and archiving through to web-based graphics featuring 3D visualisations and customisable business logic, MEIOTE delivers the features you need to capture the value of your data and improve your business processes.

Scalability on-demand

Reduced IT infrastructure costs

Digital Transformation  
Scalable Systems  
Connect your Products and Offer more Services
MEIOTE can collect data directly from your customer’s sites, enabling you to continuously monitor the equipment you supply. Provide automated recommendations through a local application or more sophisticated remote services. Your customer can select the data they share and suspend use of your service at any moment.

More Value. More Trust.

40% more Sales from Digital Products

Machine & Equipment Suppliers  
Build Smart Cities through controlled data-sharing partnerships
Smart Cities of the future are powered by decisions on data from numerous information sources. Municipalities need to offer data sharing in a controlled way to support new services for all stakeholders, such as:
• Energy metering and planning across multiple utilities
• Efficiency across all means of transportation
• Electric mobility across the city
• Green maintenance of public infrastructure
MEIOTE’s selective exchange of data between multiple partners provides the balance of openness and privacy required to build trust and deliver services. MEIOTE is trustable foundation for Smart City Platforms and Information Management

15 to 25% resource allocation savings

Improved City management across stakeholders

New services to citicens

“IoT platforms will disrupt legacy markets for offering cost-competitiveness and expanded usefulness over non-IT applications and management systems.”
SOURCE: IoT Platforms for Digital Optimization and Transformation,
25 March 2020
– Traceable and controlled sharing of data streams among Stakeholders is a patented technology from Cleverdist.

– Cleverdist is  certified by SGG in ISO 27001  (Information Security Management).