Multi-Enterprise IIoT Platform and Applications. Open and Secured Business Processes with your Partners
MEIOTE is our IIoT Platform

MEIOTE is our IIoT platform to rapidly connect, monitor and control your assets and processes.

Ready to be connected to equipment using most of the industrial communication standards (OPC UA, OPC, S7, BACnet, Ethernet/IP, IEC60870, IEC61850, modbus, MQTT, SNMP, DNP3…), so you can efficiently integrate and digitalize your equipment and link them to your existing business applications.

Available as a cloud-based service so you minimize your infrastructure costs and reduce ramp-up time.

Available at the edge for demanding processes, MEIOTE is available in three architectures : Edge only, hybrid Coud + Edge and Cloud only.

MEIOTE combines all functionalities ranging from alarming and archiving through to web-based graphics featuring live 3D visualisations and customisable business logic – application.

Feeding MEIOTE on all data sources (e.g. your existing ERP, PLM or other business databases), MEIOTE becomes one integrated platform for your operations.

With its scalable architecture, MEIOTE covers your needs from individual machine monitoring to multi-site multi-user control center and portals.



Stability, Flexibility and Scalability

Reduced IT infrastructure costs

Multi-Enterprise Applications
When required, MEIOTE provides Multi-Enterprise control capabilities by collecting data from multiple organisations, and providing live processing their data in a controlled way.

MEIOTE combines Industrial Control System and IIoT platform technologies together with our patented technology for ensuring data traceability & protection across organisations in the supply chain.

MEIOTE provides each data contributor with control and management of all possible consumers of their information and any derived work.

MEIOTE secures trustable enrollment of any partner, possibly customer or supplier, organisation into shared processes.

Our disruptive multi-enterprise approach unleashes the value of automated processes and cyber-physical data streams shared across multiple organisations in a supply chain.

More value, more trust

Traceable, controlled and protected sharing of data streams among organisations is a patented technology of Cleverdist

Cleverdist is certified by SGS in ISO 27001 (Information Security Management)

“IoT platforms will disrupt legacy markets for offering cost-competitiveness and expanded usefulness over non-IT applications and management systems.”
SOURCE: IoT Platforms for Digital Optimization and Transformation
25 March 2020, Gartner