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Energy & Utilities

Increase your Return On Assets

CLEVERDIST helps you to…

Enhance Operations & Maintenance so you improve your return on assets.
Secure your project deadlines, so you shorten lead time to production.
Articulate C-level needs and priorities into technological solutions, so you have a quick payback and high ROI.
Integrate heterogenous systems into centralized Control Centres concentrating millions of parameters, so you improve your O&M.
Quickly solve any connectivity needs across Industrial Control Systems, IT systems and Enterprise systems, so you automate your processes.
Develop ICS Solutions for your new projects, upgrade legacy control systems and shift features from OT to modern IT, so you increase flexibility and facilitate your innovation.

Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

Our teams have extensive and unique industrial software experience
We quickly develop industrial software solutions ranging from hardware controllers, Distributed Control System (DCS) to Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. This includes the provision of Operations Management features.

We are world leaders in designing and developing with Siemens flagship software for Industrial Systems: SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture (WinCC OA). We are a Premium Solution & OEM Partner and registered as preferred supplier by Siemens in several regions. We provide solutions based on this technology at an unparalleled speed. We are at ease with large systems, highly connected, requiring integration of other 3rd party ICS systems and providing as much scalability as required.

Our specialists have experience engineering and integrating other Industrial Software vendors (e.g. Schneider, Honeywell, Yokogawa, Emerson and others).

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We provide support for Industrial Control Systems to multiple players in the Energy & Utilities sector.


IT / OT Integration

Leveraging our rich R&D experience we excel at using Information Technologies with Operational Technologies
Industrial systems are often highly dependent on rigid automation technologies to achieve monitoring, control and operation functions. As a result of their inflexibility, modifying these systems has high direct and indirect costs.

IT solutions are highly competitive in cost while exponentially increasing the flexibility and adaptability of the system. Our experts assist with strategic decisions when choosing how to combine IT and OT for specific critical features. Integrating these two technologies helps to close the gap between enterprise systems and automation technologies, increasing efficiency and reliability of the processes that combine business and operations data. In addition, the inclusion of IT in the operations domain allows for quicker and cost-effective adaptation to your evolving operational needs.

Our teams also have experience at implementing innovative approaches by integrating the use of technologies such us Augmented Reality, 3D, Predictive Maintenance/Analytics with automation/operation systems.

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Our customers can leverage on our tools to enhance their control systems and move towards IIoT plaforms by introducing disruptive technologies in their OT solutions.


From projects to product

We create Industrial Software Products for leading companies in different sectors
Industrial Software projects are traditionally implemented by the repetition of tasks from project to project. This approach is cost ineffective and reduces standardization between systems making them difficult to maintain and adapt. Efforts and budgets are spent on maintaining multiple different systems rather than on keeping the systems capabilities up to date.

We help our customers and their partners to create engineering software products or frameworks that encapsulate the commonalities and minimize the engineering time and effort required to complete a project. Furthermore, this approach results in standardized systems that are much easier to maintain and modify. Using this approach, our customers centralize the development of their ICS solution, which is then configured by engineering teams for each site and project. This enables the quick rollout of new installations and features required to keep systems state-of-the-art, efficient and competitive.

Success Reference

We helped Siemens Gamesa to complete their new solution for integral management of Wind Parks.


Multi-Enterprise Applications, IIoT Platforms and Cloud-based ICS

Our patented secured data sharing enables our users to safely share data with partners outside your enterprise
MEIOTE is Cleverdist’s platform to rapidly connect, monitor and control your assets and processes. With broad support for industrial communication standards, it can efficiently integrate and digitalize ICS equipment and link to existing business applications. Available also as a service, MEIOTE minimizes infrastructure costs and upgrades as our customers expand their digital transformation.

Future Control Centers are powered by decisions taken on data from numerous information sources, which require a balanced approach between openness and data protection. MEIOTE combines Industrial Control System and IIoT platform technologies together with patented technology for ensuring data traceability & protection. MEIOTE provides each data contributor with control and management of all possible consumers of their information or any derived work. Our disruptive multi-enterprise approach unleashes the value of automated process and cyber-physical data streams shared across every stakeholder in a supply chain.

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Interconnectivity between vendors and suppliers in a supply chain will bring significant cost reductions and open the opportunity for increased sales
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