Increase your Return On Assets
Renewables & Utilities
Increase your ROA
by 25 percentage points
Reduce asset needs by enhancing Operations and Maintenance
Is Asset turnover one of your KPI? We provide you with a solution to connect your operation systems with your enterprise applications and possibly other 3rd party systems. With this you reach a new level of automation of your processes, your operations and thus you optimize your asset use.

20% asset need reduction

25% safety issue reduction

50% team productivity

IT-OT Integration  
Provide scalability to your 4.0 Solutions
Modern Industrial Control Systems need to cope with heterogeneous equipment, allow for continuous integration of intelligent data processing and provide interactivity with plant operators and managers. However, an scalable architecture is key to avoid unaffordable maintenance and quick obsolescence of your solution.
We provide guidance and solutions to your IT and Operations Teams to secure scalability across sites in different regions and countries, while accommodating more equipment and functions according to each site needs.

Shrinked maintenance costs

Halved Engineering time

Digital Transformation  
IT Infrastructure Assesment  
Exchange data with your partners in a controlled way
Do you need selective exchange of data with various partners? Future Control Centers are powered by decisions taken based on data from numerous information sources, which require a balanced approach between openness and data protection. MEIOTE combines Industrial Control System and IIoT platform technologies together with patented technology for data traceability & protection.

Multi-Enterprise business processes

More value, More trust

Multi-Enterprise Applications  
Secure your project timelines
Are you committed to a challenging deadline for a large scale project? We help you in multiplying your development and engineering teams productivity by means of agile tools and methodologies coping even with legacy and heterogeneous systems when required.

Milestones secured

Engineering Productivity 
Project Acceleration