Supply Chain 4.0
Empower Supply Chain 4.0 with Cleverdist Multi-Enterprise IIoT Applications
Supply Chain 4.0
the next-generation
digital supply chain
“Eliminating today’s waste and adopting new technologies
is a major lever to increase the operational effectiveness of
supply chains. The potential impact of Supply Chain 4.0 in
the next two to three years is huge – up to 30 percent lower
operational costs and a reduction of 75 percent in lost sales
while decreasing inventories by up to 75 percent are
expected, at the same time increasing the agility of the
supply chains significantly.”

McKinsey, October 27, 2016

Our technology helps you to:

  • Capture Data and improve Alerts
  • Enable integrated planning processes with your business partners
  • Enable data acquisition from multi-enterprise physical flows straight into your business processes
  • Ease and automate order management workflows
  • Refine KPI’s along your Supply Chain
  • Track and reduce lost sales
  • Reduce Inventories and improve On-Time Delivery