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Transportation & Infrastructure

Leverage scale and make large savings

From Projects to Product

Do you repeat engineering tasks from project to project? We help you to create a software product to encapsulate commonalities minimizing engineering time and effort by means of simple configuration tools. In addition this greatly reduces maintenance costs.
50% reduction engineering time
60% maintenance cost reduction
Engineering Productivity
Project Acceleration
Application Development
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Provide scalability to 4.0 Platforms

IIoT Platforms need to cope with heterogeneous equipment, allow for continuous integration of intelligent data processing and provide interactivity with operators and managers. However, scalability is key to avoid unaffordable maintenance and quick obsolescence.
We provide you with scalable solutions to your IT and Operations Teams to secure future integration of more equipment and functions to your infrastructure.
Shrinked maintenance costs
Halved engineering time
Digital Transformation
IT Infrastructure Assessment
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Leverage IT within your OT current solutions

Are you trying to make your infrastructure able to quickly adapt to your evolving needs? Infrastructures are often highly dependent on rigid automation technologies to achieve their monitoring, control and operating functions. IT solutions versus Automation are highly competitive in cost, while increasing exponentially the flexibility and adaptability of the system. We help you in becoming competitive and cost effective by shifting features from OT to IT.
60% cost savings for functions shifted to IT
Increased adaptability
IT-OT Integration
IT Infrastructure assessment
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