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Predictive Maintenance with IIoT

Increase MTBF using predictive maintenance

Benefit from pattern recognition, avoid downtime and accelerate asset repair with Plug & Play predictive maintenance application.


Save by Predicting

Monitor asset conditions and make cost savings by predicting, and anticipating, failures or reduced performance.

Increase MTBF by 30%

Plan maintenance activities based on triggers you confirm from recognized patterns. Prevent unexpected downtimes.

Payback < 3 months

Save quickly on unnecessary maintenance interventions, if asset conditions are good. Reduce MTTR by providing probable Root-Causes and SOPs.

How MEIOTE PdM works

Failures or Reduced performance have root causes. MEIOTE PdM helps to recognize associated patterns, thus to predict failures and define triggers for maintenance activities. MEIOTE PdM provides guidance to fix issues.
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Key Features

Record and Monitor Asset Conditions Data

Monitor real-time conditions of your assets, detect failures and initiate repair actions.

Conveniently record all maintenance and repair interventions.

Web-based, Everywhere

Web-based interactive and intuitive dashboards, available anywhere anytime on any device, let you operate 24/7.

Our secure data flow infrastructure provides you with full control of your data privacy (ISO27001).

Predictive Maintenance without Data Analysts

Find indicators of wear or imminent random failure based on historical data. Define predictive rules based on conditions data signals.

Build rules with simple spreadsheet style functions and verify them against historical data. Compare predictive performance with the previous maintenance plan.

Calculation of MTBF and MTTR

Calculate MTBF and MTTR per asset and measure the impact of your maintenance plans.

Engage the maintenance team to improve performance.

Tackle the Most Urgent Issues

Maintain a prediction-based schedule of maintenance tasks and update it when failures are detected.

Prioritise repairs and maintenance based on configurable priorities.

Smart Maintenance Knowledge Base

Add documentation, videos and SOPs for each problem cause for faster repair.

Determine the root cause for every failure and inform the maintenance team of the most probable causes for each failure mode.

Import Existing Historical Data

Import data from existing software or databases to immediately start your predictive maintenance scheduling.

Technical specifications

Drivers / Interfaces

  • OPC UA, OPC, SIMATIC S7, MQTT, PROFINET/PROFISAFE, TLS, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, SNMP, BACnet, SSI, IEC 60870-5-101, -104, DNP3, SINAUT, IEC 61850/61400
  • Any other driver on request


  • Event-based architecture supporting up to 10s of millions of controlled parameters.
  • Multiple concurrent screens supported


  • Available in different languages on request
  • Available for solutions requiring user interfaces supporting multiple languages, with user preferred language integration


  • IoT Box for industrial data acquisition
  • Industrial rugged box
  • Rail mounted if required
  • Dimensions: 35mm x 117mm x 80mm
  • 2 Ethernet ports, possible Serial (RS-232, RS-485) and Wi-Fi

Multi-Screen, Multi-User

  • Multiple concurrent users
  • Desktop, Smart TV, tablet and mobile interfaces supported
  • Integrates with corporate authentication system (e.g. AD, LDAP) if required
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