Machine & Equipment Suppliers
Connect your supplied machines and increase service offering
Reduce maintenance cost by delivering connected machines
Are you trying to reduce maintenance and warranty costs? We help you to add software applications to the equipment that you supply to your customers, that monitor your machines and improve maintenance decisions.

10-15% increased machine value

highly recurrent revenue

Manage your supplied machines as a fleet
Are you getting the benefits of  considering your equipment installed at your different customers as a fleet? We help you to remotely collect data from your fleet and enable service lines using a unified and data-secured 4.0 software platform.

25% increased sales

highly recurrent

higher customer loyalty

Make your expertise available to your customer through applications
Are you maximizing the value of your expertise? Machine manufacturers have extensive expertise operating efficiently their equipment. We provide you with Cloud-based or onsite control solutions that give live recommendations and simplified support to your customers.

Improved OEE

Provide scalability to your software solutions
Are you planning a common 4.0 platform to your set of digital products? We help you to implement a modern software architecture ensuring speed of development, high maintainability and scalability across your portfolio of software solutions.

Scalability, Adaptability and Flexibility

65% software maintenance reduction

50% development speed increase

Become the most responsive supplier by connecting your customer directly to your ERP
Are you interested in simplifying the end to end experience of your customers with your organization? We help you providing more to your customers by giving a selective access to your Enterprise Applications (ERP, MRP, etc.) data and processes.

Quicker sales cycles

Reduced admin costs

Higher customer engagement

Leverage IT within your current OT solutions
Are you trying to make your machines control systems able to quickly adapt to your customer evolving needs? Manufacturers are often highly dependent on rigid automation technologies to achieve monitoring, control and operating functions of production lines. IT solutions versus Automation are highly competitive in cost, while increasing exponentially the flexibility and adaptability of the system. We help you in becoming competitive and cost effective by shifting features from OT to IT.

60% cost savings for functions shifted to IT

Increased adaptability