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MEIOTE Case Studies

Industrial Bakery

Reducing time-to-fix issues on baking lines by contextualization of alerts, and statistical root cause analysis. 4 Tons of food saved in each prevented interruption.
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Intelligent Traffic System

Boosting productivity (x2) by standardizing the configuration of IIoT + SCADA platforms for tunnel control projects.
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Wind Power Plants

Enabling control centers for operation and maintenance of remote Wind Power plants.
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20% cycle time reduction for loading / unloading petrochemical products using a new operating layer connected to PLC’s, Access Control System, ERP, safety control systems, etc.
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Machine vendor

Recovering 0,5 % of sales lost in warranty costs by providing remote guidance for customer operations and creating additional service lines.
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Utilities in office buildings

40 buildings requiring condition monitoring of boilers, heaters, blowers. 70% reduction of routine inspections from maintenance teams now focused on customer (tenants) satisfaction.
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Construction site

The activity and welding quality of 500 welding machines is constantly monitored at an oil rig constructor. 500 kUSD saved per year.
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0,28% product contamination down to 0% thanks to automatic feedback and control points when setting-up product routes in Oil and Petrochemical Terminals.
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Rail & Metro

We develop Siemens's Digital Station Manager using MEIOTE Low-Code Engineering principles, reducing development in exchange of configuration. Now implemented in multiple cities like Sofia, Buenos Aires and others.
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Oil & Gas Equipment Vendor

+40 % hydraulic pump performance through continuous remote monitoring and control. This service is now bundled with the pump sales.
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Car maker

Reusable MEIOTE configuration tools for integration of new systems across 11 manufacturing sites with multiple production lines, including robots and M2M.
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Food and Beverage

50 similar production lines scattered on 12 sites are now managing OEE performance collaboratively, with central steering for managing sources of losses and continuous improvement.
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Mobility Infrastructure

A standard operations layer built on top of legacy equipment helps to reduce luggage losses in various terminals at an airport.
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Greenfield manufacturing site making hydrogen engines requires a supervisory and control system to optimize production flows and meet target cost per unit.
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