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Watch how to  boost
your SCADA teams and reduce costs with SmartNodes++

Experience the future of WinCC OA projects. Boost productivity, reduce costs, and accelerate development with our innovative, GPT-integrated solution.

Intelligent Automation,
Unmatched Efficiency

Streamline development

Harness decades of WinCC OA development expertise with SmartNodes++. Our modular approach simplifies SCADA development through six specialized modules and a user-friendly interface, reducing development costs.

Enhanced Configuration Management

Experience effortless configuration with SmartNodes++'s flexible mass configuration templates, seamlessly handling both brownfield and greenfield contexts with ease.

Optimized Lifecycle

Maximize efficiency and reduce maintenance costs throughout your project's lifecycle with streamlined integration and deployment management, ensuring project quality and seamless upgrades.

Seamless IT/OT
Logic Modeling

Bridge the gap between IT and OT effortlessly with SmartNodes++'s seamless WinCC OA integration, enabling efficient control system development and reducing integration costs.

Unleash GPT-Powered

Leverage the power of LLM/GPT integration to boost development speed by up to 20 times, revolutionizing your SCADA and IIoT projects while significantly reducing development costs.

Module Showcases and
Hands-On Demonstrations

Gain valuable insights into the diverse capabilities of SmartNodes++ modules, designed to empower your industrial automation projects and streamline your WinCC OA integration process.


Streamline your SCADA project design with Quikr, the module that efficiently models IT and OT object classes while encapsulating WinCC OA datapoints and behavior. Quikr automates the connection between datapoints and scripts, creating a powerful and standardized development pattern that simplifies and accelerates the design process for WinCC OA projects.


Ensure the reliability and quality of your projects with Chekr, the module that simplifies test creation and management. Chekr generates test method templates and provides detailed reports on possible failures and code coverage, facilitating seamless integration with code quality monitoring tools like SonarQube.


Enhance your project's adaptability with Moldr, the module that generates flexible and configurable Molds (templates) through combinations of object attributes and configurations (archiving, hardware address, alarms, units, etc.). Moldr enables the use of parameters for various configuration options and automatically generates mold template files for efficient mass engineering, ensuring a tailored and seamless experience in your WinCC OA projects.


Streamline your project configuration with Muchr, the module that facilitates the import of mass engineering mold files while providing a comparison of anticipated configuration changes. Muchr ensures seamless efficient management of datapoint elements configuration engineering and updates, keeping your WinCC OA projects aligned with your evolving requirements and expectations.


Efficiently organize and maintain your project's IT and OT objects' logical relationships with Laddr. This module creates easy-to-maintain CNS views, providing a clear and structured representation of your WinCC OA projects, enhancing overall organization and management efficiency.


Buildr enhances project creation, deployment, and patching processes in WinCC OA. By eliminating the manual individual actions, it significantly reduces the likelihood of errors and accelerates deployment times. This is achieved through project configuration recipes tailored for seamless integration and deployment, ultimately streamlining the entire development process.

SmartNodes++ webinar (part 1)

The following video is the first part of a webinar where Oliver Holme, Head of Technology at Cleverdist, makes a live demo by quickly engineering some factory conveyors. In this part, Oliver focused on the engineering part and monitoring of the machines in the line. In this case, SmartNodes++ is used on top of a SIMATIC WinCC OA acting as a local control system.

SmartNodes++ webinar (part 2)

The following video is the second part of a webinar where Oliver Holme, Head of Technology at Cleverdist, makes a live demo by quickly engineering some factory conveyors. In this part, Oliver focused in connecting to a quickly-made ERP/MES system based on on MS SharePoint lists.
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