Engineering Productivity
Smart Nodes ++
for WinCC OA
One Solution, Four Modules And Thousands Of Benefits
Made of a suite of 4 modules, it encapsulates SCADA complexity and most advanced functionality allowing programers and engineers to quickly develop SCADA solutions by helping over the whole solution development life-cycle. Its features reduce development and maintenance cost.


Quikr designs solutions by generating fully functional Object Classes without having to bother about writing most of the code. Its SmartMenu generates classes by means of simple commands. Quikr provides on the fly UML views of the generated classes and the relationships between them. A generic graphical interface can immediately be used to test any device instance without the need of drawing any panel.


Chekr creates test Classes and, on request from the developers, it generates test method templates to verify any desired cases. Chekr allows to runs all written test classes for a Class and on completion provides a report on possible failures as well as on code coverage. These reports can be directly fed into SonarQube for code quality monitoring purposes. Chekr also takes care of setting up and tearing down the test environment.


Moldr crafts the application building modls that define in a flexible way how hardware will be addressed, how alerts will be triggered, how values will be archived and how any other required settings will be configured. Moldr also takes the responsibility of generating and updating the templates files that would be used later by engineers to define the system instances. It can also be used to generate the different system views (plant model).


Muchr loads into a SCADA system the engineering files containing the solution instances and all of their configurations. Muchr verifies the consistency and reports to the engineer or integrator the differences between the engineering files being imported and the current system configuration. This highly simplifies the integration of developments and provides with a higher control on the upgrade of configurations of a live system.