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Cleverdist Digital Terminal

Superior Terminal Performance

Increase your Terminal Asset Turnover

Optimize your plant utilization and reduce operating costs leveraging on digital technology.


Increase Your Profit

Increase your Asset Turnover by up to 25% by optimizing your terminal utilization and operating time.

Reduce Costs

Focus maintenance efforts on real needs, through constant monitoring of important conditions.

Become More Adaptative

Cope with a dynamic terminal and product portfolio with frequent changeovers and modifications.

+ Safety & Reliability

Reduce the number of accidents or near-misses due to unreliable control systems.

Key Features

Digitalize and Unify Operations

Transform your manual operation procedures into digital flows to optimize operations and avoid human mistakes. Increase overall performance by making all operations data available to other operations or business processes.

Product Traceability

By analyzing scheduled operations and product paths assigned to them, Digital Terminal traces all the products passing through the terminal pipes. This way, it raises warnings on product incompatibilities and can interlock processes at different points of your planning and operation. The product compatibility is customizable and can track also other assets like hoses in your terminal.

High Reliability

An important proportion of the incidents and many near misses in petrochemical terminals have been reported to be related to unreliable control systems.  Digital Terminal is built with robust and time-proven industrial technologies utilized for many SIL systems in Oil & Gas, Mobility and other safety related applications. Our platform can integrate with or replace existing industrial control and supervisory systems.

Digital Twin / Shadow

Get your Terminal infrastructure modeled into Digital Terminal so you can manage dynamically your product paths for all types of operations. Both manual and automated devices are supported. Get in contact for a demo tailored for your terminal areas.
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Truck Loading Bay Control

You might not have a maintenance plan set, or your measures are based on time only. Instead, implement usage based, condition threshold or logical conditions that are all available.

Multi-Screen, Multi-User

Digital Terminal scales according to your needs with the capability to handle hundreds of thousands of controlled parameters with interfaces on desktops, industrial tablets, HMIs and mobiles. You can manage a list of users and privileges or integrate Digital Terminal with your corporate authentication system for maximum consistency. Different languages for the user interfaces are available.

Rail, Truck and Ship Queue Management

Digitalize the flow of vehicles through your terminal so you can trace and improve your processes by having accurate KPIs for each step. Measure times from transport arrival, reception and entrance to weighing, loading, and finally exiting the terminal. Digital Terminal includes queue handling features to manage vehicles entrance in your terminal, setup vehicle accumulations per loading point and automatically assign optimal loading points according to availability and expected waiting time. The system uses statistical data from previous operations to make accurate time estimations. Digital Terminal is ready to manage queues in multi-product and multi-customer terminals.

Document Generation

Digital Terminal generates required operation documents, for example, your work orders or certificates of quantity. It adapts to your existing formats document formats as required. All information related to a single operation such as product quantities, timestamps, safety checklists & signatures, sensor reading and so on, are recorded by the system for any further usage.

ASTM Calculations Support

Digital Terminal has chemical ASTM calculators that can be used in standalone mode to generate reports. They are also present within the integrated Operation Controls to provide accurate and real time measurements, even when product movements are not using totalizers.

ERP Integration

Digital Terminal provides an interface for easy integration with ERPs in order to download orders to be planned and report the results of ongoing operations in real time.
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Technical specifications

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows Server, Windows 10 Pro
  • Linux RedHat Enterprise
  • CentOS 8.x
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 15

High Availability

  • Hot Standby redundancy if required
  • Automatic switch over and recovery
  • Redundant networks supported

Alarm System

  • VDI 3699 / DIN 19235
  • Digital and Analog alert with configurable thresholds
  • Summary alarms
  • Alert reduction for Alarm Avalanches
  • Alarms integrated in trends

Integrated Historian

  • Integrated Historian using same servers
  • Supports integration with other Relational (e.g. Oracle, Postgres, MS SQL) or Time Series (e.g. InfluxDB) databases
  • File rotation management and long-term storage configuration supported

Drivers / Interfaces

  • TCP/IP: SIMATIC S7, SIMATIC S7 Plus, MQTT, PROFINET/PROFISAFE, TLS Gateway, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, SNMP Manager & Agent, BACnet,
  • OPC UA: DA, AC, HA (Client & Server),
  • OPC: DA, AE, HDA (Client & Server),
  • Tele control / RTU: SSI, IEC 60870-5-101, -104, DNP3, SINAUT, IEC 61850/61400, etc.
  • Any other driver integration on request


  • Available in different languages on request
  • Available for solutions requiring user interfaces supporting multiple languages, with user preferred language integration
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