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Digital Transformation

Build your business case for a Digital Transformation

Do you need to quantify the importance of a Digital Transformation for your business? We help you to size the magnitude of the value of such a transformation when applied to your specific situation, so you can efficiently allocate resources, plan and drive change.

Quantify the transition

Spot top priorities

Get up to speed

Digital Product

Establish a Digital Product Roadmap adapted to your needs

Do you know that 30% of your sales can be more profitable and recurrent through digital products attached to your supplied equipment or machines? We help you to develop a must-have masterplan to achieve a maintainable and agile portfolio of digital products.

Sales and profit growth

Preempt competition or disruption

Business resilience

Multi-Enterprise Applications  
Zoom in 3D  
Multi-Enterprise Applications

Upgrade your B2B interactions

Do you know that there are simple and secured ways to interconnect operations with partners in your supply chain? We help you to create Multi-Enterprise IoT Applications, enabling open and secured business processes with your partners.

Unique market position

IT-Infrastructure Assessment  
Application Development  
IT Infrastructure Assessment

Assess your IT infrastructure to meet your 4.0 objectives

Is your IT infrastructure ready to face 4.0 challenges? We help you to reconcile today’s IT decisions with your mid-term targets.

Faster 4.0 transition

Skipping unecessary investments

IT-OT Integration  
Multi-Enterprise Applications  
IIoT Platforms  
IIoT Platforms

It’s all about scope

Are you planning to implement an IIoT Platform? We help you to define the scope of your platform and make the relevant technological choices to encompass IoT, IIoT, SCADA, MES, ERP or other Enterprise applications.

Clear business case and benefits

IT Infrastructure Assesment  
IT/OT Integration

Reduce costs and speed up developments through IT/OT integration

Are you trying to make your control system able to quickly adapt to your evolving needs? Industrial systems are often highly dependent on rigid automation technologies to achieve monitoring, control and operating functions. IT solutions versus Automation are highly competitive in cost, while increasing exponentially the flexibility and adaptability of the system. We help you in becoming competitive and cost effective by shifting features from OT to IT.

60% cost savings for functions shifted to IT

Increased adaptability

IT Infrastructure Assessment  
Application Development  
Engineering Productivity

Reduce your engineering cost and Lead Time to production

Do you repeat engineering tasks from project to project? We provide you with methodologies and tools to minimize engineering time and effort. In addition this greatly reduces further maintenance costs.

50-70% Engineering time reduction

50-70% reduction in Lead Time to production

Project Acceleration  
Application Development

From Proof Of Concepts to full Turnkey Solutions

Do you need to subcontract the development of your application to a fast and reliable industrial software partner? We develop high quality solutions at a very high speed, making simple even the most challenging requirements.

Up to 70% Reduction on Lead Time to production

30% Saving on maintenace

Multi-Enterprise Applications  
Smarter Machines  
Control Centers  
Digital Manufacturing  
Scalable Software  
Project Acceleration

Speed up your project development to meet deadlines

Is your project becoming more complicated than expected and meeting deadlines nearly impossible without changing speed? We help you quickly analyze your options and combine crashing and fast tracking as required to guarantee that your deadlines are met.

Deadlines met

Doubled Team Productivity

Sparring Partner

High-end personalized advisory services

Are you seeking for trustable third-party opinions to reinforce or improve your critical decisions? Our experts provide continuous support to your C-level leaders, Directors or project leaders around your key milestones.

High quality and sound decisions

Corporate confidence and alignment

Personal growth