Mastering Production Performance

Real-time OEE and dynamic root cause analysis.

Leverage IIoT technology to bring live, visual and relevant information to empower your teams on the shop floor.


Reduce OEE Losses

Categorize and diagnose sources of OEE losses. Automate collection of relevant data from your machines.

Minimize Fixing Time

Use proactive diagnosis and receive guidance based on previous experience stored by MEIOTE OEE.

Payback < 3 months

Empower production teams and increase performance quickly recovering initial investment.

Key features

Flexible Data Collection

Manual, semi-automatic or automatic seamless data collection.

Freedom to find the right balance between software reliable data capturing and manual intervention

Easy Setup

No production interruption while setting up, keep your production working the same way.

All the information is calculated and displayed on your screen from the moment the setup is complete.

History-Based Decisions

Be proactive with smart decisions in front of you based on the previous experience of operators.

Understand possible issues and resolve them quickly using the historical data.

Dynamic Root Cause Analysis

Whatever happens in the production line – it’s all been recorded.

Get instant suggestions on quickest problem resolution related to specific machine sections along with videos, documentation and other media.

Optional ZoomIn3D Integration

3D visualization helps you perform better decision making and provide efficient maintenance. It lets operators react faster with precise visual confirmation.

The alerted parts are always highlighted along with the list of possible causes and solutions.

Each Machine Matters

Get the detailed statistics on each machine from your production line.

Understand its performance to tackle bottlenecks.

Highly Scalable Solution

Our software allows you to seamlessly add devices as your production line grows.

Customer-based additions are always available on demand.

Real-Time Performance Monitoring

All the information is in front of you, always real-time, always available on your screen.

The OEE data analysis visualization of our ecosystem is based on simplicity and effectiveness.

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Technical specifications

Drivers / Interfaces

  • TCP/IP: SIMATIC S7, SIMATIC S7 Plus, MQTT, PROFINET/PROFISAFE, TLS Gateway, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, SNMP Manager & Agent, BACnet
  • OPC UA: DA, AC, HA (Client & Server)
  • OPC: DA, AE, HDA (Client & Server)
  • Telecontrol / RTU: SSI, IEC 60870-5-101, -104, DNP3, SINAUT, IEC 61850/61400, etc.
  • Any other driver integration on request.


  • Event-based architecture supporting up to 10s of millions of controlled parameters.
  • Multiple concurrent screens supported.


  • Available in different languages on request.
  • Available for solutions requiring user interfaces supporting multiple languages, with user preferred language integration.


  • IoT Box for industrial data acquisition.
  • Industrial rugged box.
  • Rail mounted if required.
  • Dimensions: 35mm x 117mm x 80mm.
  • 2 Ethernet ports, possible Serial (RS-232, RS-485) and Wi-Fi.

Multi-Screen, Multi-User

  • Multiple concurrent users.
  • Desktop, Smart TV, tablet and mobile interfaces supported.
  • Integrates with corporate authentication system (e.g. AD, LDAP) if required.