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Quick and Convenient Industrial IoT

Real Time Condition Based Monitoring

Make savings by avoiding repetitive inspections and avoiding unplanned downtimes.


Act When Needed

Reduce your maintenance costs by scheduling maintenance activities based on real-time equipment conditions.

Save on Inspections

Cancel up to 70% of inspections. Avoid costly routine inspections by relying on constant digital monitoring.

Payback < 3 months

Our cost-effective and easy-to-deploy solution lets you quickly recover your investment by saving on unnecessary maintenance interventions

Did you know?

On average, up to 60% of maintenance costs are dedicated to inspections and planned maintenance. Constant machine condition monitoring via MEIOTE CBM is a cost-effective alternative.

Get Started

Without any commitment, you can connect MEIOTE CBM for free to your equipment. Your first online dashboard will be up and running in 24h. Start getting then the benefits of Condition Based Monitoring.
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Key Features

Machine Condition Monitoring

Monitors constantly the state of your equipment and machines.

Independently of your equipment vendor and your number of equipment to monitor, CBM can provide you a view on their state 24/7.

Visualize Impact per Equipment

Quantify the benefits of using CBM versus your current maintenance approach.

Visualize cost comparison per equipment between condition-based and schedule-based maintenance.

Scalable for Your Needs

MEIOTE CBM provides a highly scalable solution that can grow from very few to many thousands of machines, unlimited number of conditions and millions of parameters.

Simple Setup

MEIOTE CBM is a plug-and-play solution that natively communicates with most industrial equipment.

Configures within minutes using simple spreadsheet templates.

Instantly start capturing data and visualize results on interactive dashboards.
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SaaS Cloud Service

CBM service includes MEIOTE boxes when required.

This box creates interconnects with any industrial hardware and creates a secured connection (ISO 27001) between your machines and MEIOTE Cloud so you can immediately access your data in through a web browser.

Smart Scheduling

CBM helps you make right decisions and refine your scheduled activities.

Shift maintenance routines based on configurable alarms and thresholds.

Optionally integrate your maintenance schedule with external companies.

Web Based – Everywhere

Web-based interactive and intuitive dashboards, available anywhere anytime on any device, let you operate 24/7 with secure data flow continuously under your control (ISO2700).

Technical specifications

Drivers / Interfaces

  • OPC UA, OPC, SIMATIC S7, MQTT, PROFINET/PROFISAFE, TLS, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, SNMP, BACnet, SSI, IEC 60870-5-101, -104, DNP3, SINAUT, IEC 61850/61400
  • Any other driver on request


  • Event-based architecture supporting up to 10s of millions of controlled parameters.
  • Multiple concurrent screens supported


  • Available in different languages on request
  • Available for solutions requiring user interfaces supporting multiple languages, with user preferred language integration


  • IoT Box for industrial data acquisition
  • Industrial rugged box
  • Rail mounted if required
  • Dimensions: 35mm x 117mm x 80mm
  • 2 Ethernet ports, possible Serial (RS-232, RS-485) and Wi-Fi

Multi-Screen, Multi-User

  • Multiple concurrent users
  • Desktop, Smart TV, tablet and mobile interfaces supported
  • Integrates with corporate authentication system (e.g. AD, LDAP) if required
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