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WinCC Open Architecture

Experience in WinCC OA since 1999

CLEVERDIST helps you to…

Train and certify your teams, guiding them during their first project so you have a successful enrolment and quickly develop your region.
Develop compelling PoC/Pilot projects in a very short time, so you maximize your customer engagement.
Speak C-level finance, operations and IT language so you shorten your sales cycles and generate confidence from your customer.
Develop specific features or entire large projects so you focus on your core business.
Create engineering productivity tools for your vertical so you become highly competitive and make large savings on engineering and maintenance.
Upgrade your engineering processes with modern tools and techniques so you guarantee fast, traceable, high quality development, even with remote or distributed teams.

Successful WinCC OA Enrolment

Included in an effective package, we train teams and guarantee their success on their first project
Enrolling a company or team in a new technology can be a smart strategic decision to increase competitiveness… we help to make that process risk-free.

Cleverdist has exclusive knowledge and accreditation to provide WinCC Open Architecture Certified trainings. In addition, we combine this in a package that includes guidance to guarantee success in the first WinCC OA project. Making the right architecture choices from the beginning, unblocking technical issues and contributing with our own extensive WinCC OA software assets.

Our trainers at Cleverdist have a deep theoretical knowledge in WinCC OA and have up to 20 years of continuous experience designing and developing WinCC OA projects of all sizes and across different verticals. They not only train teams in WinCC OA but also help them navigate through the multiple options and make sure development best practices are adapted to your team’s specific needs, your company development culture and the sector where you operate.

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We have a successful record training large (e.g. Siemens, L&T, CERN), medium and small size companies. Our trainers have participated in the development of several WinCC OA projects and are able to adapt the material to your specific needs.


WinCC OA PoC and Pilot Projects

We create compelling PoCs and effective Pilot projects generating customer engagement and more opportunities
A PoC can be important to demonstrate not only WinCC OA features but also the capability of the proposed integrator to use it efficiently. Pilot projects need to prove that end-customer goals can be achieved within the available time and budget.

At Cleverdist we develop compelling PoCs in a matter of 2-3 weeks. Our PoCs build upon the native features and extensibility of WinCC OA, provide a modern User Interface and are customized to fit to end-customer’s corporate identity so they immediately feel it is theirs. When required, we quickly integrate interactive 3D models of machines or sites that are animated with live WinCC OA data and alarms. PoCs can also include business and control logic as required.

End-customer satisfaction is guaranteed with our PoCs, often shortening sales cycles and leading to the acquisition of larger projects by system integrators using our help.

See it yourself

Join one of our WinCC OA experts in a MS Team sessions and see more real demos, project and PoCs in action. Our experts will drive you through the details and answer your specific questions.


From Projects to Frameworks

We create WinCC OA Frameworks for leading companies in different sectors
Industrial Software projects are traditionally implemented by the repetition of tasks from project to project. This approach is cost ineffective and reduces standardization between systems making them difficult to maintain and adapt. Efforts and budgets are spent on maintaining multiple different commissioned systems rather than capturing and quickly implementing new ones.

We help our customers and their partners to create WinCC OA engineering software frameworks that encapsulate the commonalities and minimize the engineering time and effort required to complete a project. Furthermore, this approach results in standardized systems that are much easier to maintain and modify. Using this approach, our customers centralize the development of their ICS solution, which is then configured by engineering teams for each site and project. This enables the quick rollout of new installations and features to keep systems state-of-the-art, efficient and competitive.

Success Reference

Siemens Rail/Metro HQ in Germany needed to create a new architecture for their Digital Station Manager. The objective was to create an WinCC OA-based engineering tool that would work for any Metro/Rail system without the need to program, but only by applying different configurations. We developed the DSM core for Siemens and transfered the solution and knowledge to their R&D team.


SmartNodes++ for WinCC OA

We help system integrators at becoming more competitive by doubling their project productivity
SmartNodes++ encapsulates advanced WinCC OA functionality in an intuitive suite of 6 modules that cover the whole development and engineering lifecycle. Its features boost programmer’s and engineer’s productivity, halving development and maintenance cost.

SmartNodes++, already used by System Integrators and Siemens regions, provides a robust way to engineer systems of any size. Its Object-Oriented approach allows to package device data with its functionality, so business and control logic can quickly be developed in a structured and testable fashion. This approach favors reusability, reduces the amount of code needed and provides portability between team members and across projects.

SmartNodes++ is the ultimate bridge between IT and OT. Its 6 modules cover each aspect of a project scope, from defining the data and behavior of devices, to the mass engineering and configuration of projects. Teams can split the work across the modules to focus on their IT or OT strengths.

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Both large coorporations as smaller system integrators are already using SmartNodes++ to half their development and maintenance costs. Learn about our selected reference (Siemens Intelligent Traffic Systems) and more.


Build end-customer business cases

We speak Finance, IT and Operations C-level language and transform their needs in suitable business cases
Knowing the technology and technical needs is good. However, in many cases an end-customer needs to understand what is their payback and ROI for each of the features you propose.

Our rich background, including Finance, IT and OT profiles, allows us to interface with end-customers to understand their main problems and needs. We identify the corresponding savings or additional sales opportunities, determine related risks and finally define a list or priorities and suitable business cases for the development of Pilot features. These business cases include the cost of development of each of the features as well as the development time required. Overall, this provides end-customers with the tools to control their investment, which assists faster decision-making.


MES/MOM features in WinCC OA

We quickly develop customized MES/MOM-like functionality within WinCC OA
An MES or MOM is a very powerful tool for production systems where integrating the shop-floor or plant with operation management can bring a big value. On the other hand it can be a big investment in terms of implementation, configuration and maintenance.

We help to develop specific customized MES/MOM features inside WinCC OA, significantly reducing the implementation and configuration costs in comparison to a full MES implementation.

A dedicated MES/MOM might still be required for some projects needing to comply with specific standards or having the scale to make cost-efficient use of a full MES. Frequently, it is fast and profitable to combine the MES with custom features developed in WinCC OA. Cleverdist has extensive experience in the use of the rich and open API of WinCC OA, which is ideally suited to make this connection.

Success Reference

We develop for Vopak Terquimsa a complete Operations Systems connecting their ERP with their plant control system and providing full digitalization of their assets and operations processes.


Enhance WinCC OA User Interfaces with powerful interactive 3D models

ZoomIn3D from Cleverdist provides intuitive representations of OT data
ZoomIn3D allows to import 3D models from numerous industry standard 3D formats and optimizes them for use inside WinCC OA operation panels where they can be animated with events and alerts.

Customer’s immediate improve their sales pitch but ZoomIn3D provides additional valuable benefits:

Infinite viewpoints. Zoom, rotate and move around your 3D models to provide unlimited new views of your data.

Spatial correlation. Instantly recognize spatial patterns to effectively find value in large sets of data.

Better decision making. Gather new insights with your data visualization to improve the speed and accuracy of decision making.

More efficient maintenance. Localize faults in familiar 3D representations to guide rapid maintenance interventions.

Learn More

You can find in our YouTube channels videos where we present different features of ZoomIn3


Meet project deadlines

We help in crashing and fast-tracking any project involving WinCC OA and surrounding technologies
Regardless of the skills and competences of a team, a project can always go off track. We have proven experience at fast- tracking and crashing projects, especially those involving WinCC OA technology.

Our specialists at Cleverdist are not only fast at programming and engineering with WinCC OA but, leveraging their long experience (from 10 to 20 years), they are good at identifying alternative options to achieve the fastest results. We are also very efficient at supporting systems integrators in the interaction with their end-customers in order to control the expectations while ensuring full satisfaction. Often, we develop or supply ad-hoc tools to speed up and improve the productivity of system integrator teams.

Having our team jumping on board your project, even at a late stage, is a warranty of meeting your deadlines..

Success Reference

We have consistently and successfully helped our customers in meeting the deadlines in very challenging public and private projects, increasing significantly their development and engineering speed.


Multi-Enterprise Applications, IIoT Platforms and Cloud-based ICS

Our patented secure data sharing enables our users to safely share data with partners outside their enterprise
MEIOTE is Cleverdist’s platform to rapidly connect, monitor and control assets and processes. With broad support for industrial communication standards, it can efficiently integrate and digitalize ICS equipment and link to existing business applications. Available also as a service, MEIOTE minimizes infrastructure costs and upgrades as our customers expand their digital transformation.

MEIOTE combines Industrial Control System and IIoT platform technologies together with patented technology for ensuring data traceability & protection. MEIOTE provides each data contributor with control and management of all possible consumers of their information and any derived work. Our disruptive multi-enterprise approach unleashes the value of automated process and cyber-physical data streams shared across every stakeholder in a supply chain.

Combine WinCC OA with disruptive technology

MEIOTE provides WinCC OA with Cloud-based,IIoT Platform and Multi-Enterprise capabilities. Become and early adopter and put distance between you and your competitors.
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