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Cleverdist starts providing technical support to Skyguide

Skyguide is an air navigation service provider which manages and monitors Swiss airspace. We start a close collaboration with their teams taking care of the software systems monitoring their navigation equipment.

We provide consulting support to Siemens SITRAS in Erlangen

Our 4.o software consultants provide support to the SITRAS software development team. SITRAS is a Siemens solution for power control for railways in mass transit and mainline systems.

Supplying data connectivity to Nomac, a UAE leading company in O&M for power plants

We quickly respond to our customer’s requests involving multiple systems across different plants and using various Industrial Software technologies. We facilitate the communication between fields specialists and their HQ needs and for each requested issues we quickly propose a clear solution requiring only a few weeks of our time for implementation.

Supplying I4.0 products to Italian Water & Gas Leader

ID3A Italian company, with two decades of experience in the Water & Gas sector and providing remote monitoring of distribution systems, started now using ZoomIn3D in their projects.

Great success with our WinCC OA Enronlment Package!

We provide training and certify a team of RallyTech - a Taiwanese system integrator - in WinCC OA. In addition we participate with RallyTech in the interactions with their end-customer - Copenhagen Offshore Partners (COP). Finally,we develop a PoC for their Wind Park and substation control project.

After this process, RallyTech is awarded by PoC for the implementation of the whole Wind project.

Solving a data communication problem in Gazprom's Astrakhan gas field

We support Kosmos-Neft-Gas Russian company, specialized in manufacturing of oil & gas equipment, is the resolution of a data throughput issue when collecting large amounts of information from their installed equipment in Gazprom's Astrakhan gas field.

We provide support to BEUMER UK for Heathrow Airport luggage system

Heathrow Airport has one of the World's largest integrated luggage system. We support BEUMER UK in development of engineering tool to facilitate and speed up the commissioning and maintenance of each sub-system.

Supporting Siemens Intelligent Traffic Systems

Since 2019 Cleverdist is providing services and software products to Siemens ITS division in Germany. Our services and products (SmartNodes++) are used to create productivity engineering tools to efficiently develop and maintain Industry 4.0 traffic and tunnel systems for their projects worldwide.

Accelerating the design of a public project in Belgium

Cleverdist participated in the design phase of a public infrastructure project. Bringing our experience of scalable and extensible systems, we rapidly designed and delivered a fully WinCC OA CTRL++ and object-oriented panel based prototype. This prototype demonstrates an architecture that meets the modern IT and control system requirements of the project. The architecture of the software platform will enable the implementation of existing projects and is prepared for the roll-out of future deployments throughout the country.

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