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Digital Manufacturing

Enhance your team and asset performance

Provide interactive OEE and flow management to your assembly line

IIoT Platforms need to cope with a diversity of equipment, allowing for continuous integration of more intelligent data processing and more interactivity with line operators and managers. We enable automated processes and support IT and Operations Teams in securing scalability and adaptability of their processes
Interactive Flow Management
Assisted and automated decision making
Continuous improvement
Digital Transformation
IT Infrastructure Assessment
IT-OT Integration
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Provide scalability
to your IIoT Platforms

IIoT Platforms need to cope with heterogeneous equipment, allow for continuous integration of intelligent data processing and provide interactivity with line operators and managers. However, scalability is key to avoid unaffordable maintenance and quick obsolescence.

We provide scalable solutions to your IT and Operations Teams to secure future integration of more equipment and functions to your different production lines, possibly across multiple sites.
Shrinked maintenance costs
Halved engineering time
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Empower your team on the shop floor and continuously improve your efficiency across sites

Do you have numerous production lines across different sites? Why waiting before empowering your teams with a 4.0 Solution that lets them improve your OEE while capitalizing on troubleshooting activities through interactive dashboards.
Multi-site pilots
Improved OEE
Shop floor teams onboarded
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Automate Sales and Operations planning activities

Standard MRP solutions require multiple manual entries and phone calls to confirm or adjust Sales and Operations Planning. We help you to incorporate production batches data from your machines into your Enterprise applications.
70% administrative time reduction
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Leverage IT within your OT current solutions

Are you trying to make your machines control systems able to quickly adapt to your customer evolving needs? Manufacturers are often highly dependent on rigid automation technologies to achieve monitoring, control and operating functions of production lines. IT solutions versus Automation are highly competitive in cost, while increasing exponentially the flexibility and adaptability of the system. We help you in becoming competitive and cost effective by shifting features from OT to IT.
60% cost savings for functions shifted to IT
Increased adaptability
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Predictive Maintenance

Are you willing to combine condition-based monitoring with some predictive analytics? We help you in translating your operation and machine knowledge into a predictive maintenance application.
improved MTTR and MTBF
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