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Make the most out of the current situation by investing in greatly improving your technical skills. Join our WinCC OA training, which will be provided online by one of our Certified WinCC OA Trainers – having more than 15 years of experience developing WinCC OA systems of all complexity, size and business sector. Our training follows the official WinCC OA Training program described below.

Given the exceptional current situation, participants are required to have a strong internet connection as well as a good communication audio setup.

Trainings available in English, Spanish and French.

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At Cleverdist we combine a strong academic background with extensive field experience.

At Cleverdist we have a strong research and academic background. Our Trainers in Cleverdist Academy have considerable experience in providing lectures, chairing workshops and presenting at international conferences. In addition, our Trainers combine their teaching background with a long experience in designing and developing large, complex control systems both at CERN as well as in industry.

Cleverdist offers WinCC OA Basic Certified trainings for anyone looking forward to learn the basics and create their own projects, connect to hardware, configure alarms, archiving and develop user interfaces for operation and monitoring.

In addition to the Basic Cerfified trainings we can organize advanced workshops (face-to-face or online) for specific topics or provide a tailor made hands-on course oriented to a particular system you want to develop. To know more about the possibilities get in contact with us.


Our online WinCC OA webinar is the most efficient way to get a complete overview of what WinCC OA is and what your company can achieve with it without moving from office and in just 90 minutes. Our live webinar is structured as follows:

Introduction to WinCC OA (60 minutes)

  • What is WinCC OA
  • Why WinCC OA
  • WinCC OA main concepts
  • Industry 4.0 with WinCC OA
  • WinCC OA Reference Highlights

Q&A session (30 minutes) . Participants can formulate their questions and our specialist answers to them on the fly.

For more information regarding pricing and and how to book your virtual seat for next sessions get in contact with us.


Our WinCC OA trainers at Cleverdist each have more than 10 years of day to day WinCC OA experience of designing, developing and commissioning numerous projects. Combining a solid theoretical background with their practical experience, our trainers will be able to answer your questions and complement the course with recommendation and best practices when engineering with WinCC OA.

This course is a five day instructor-led course and provides trainees with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully design and build their first WinCC OA application. It is aimed at staff who are getting their first experience of WinCC OA.



Trainees are required to be PC literate and have at least basic PLC and IP network knowledge. A knowledge of programming is advantageous. Otherwise trainees are just required to bring a suitable laptop*


The WinCC OA software will be installed as part of the training along with a license that is valid for the duration of the course.


  • WinCC OA essential concepts
  • PARA module
  • GEDI module
  • Control programming
  • Drawing and animating graphical objects
  • Making reusable graphics with reference panels
  • Panel topology
  • User / permission management
  • Multi language support
  • Configs and Power Configs
  • Configuring and visualizing alarms
  • Data archiving and retrieval
  • Connecting to hardware
  • Tools for mass engineering of configuration data
  • Redundant Systems
  • Distributed systems



Fongit Academy

Our courses are provided at Cleverdist Academy that is located in our offices at Fongit, in the Bluebox technology building in Geneva, Switzerland. It is possible also to attend to the course in our offices in Seville, Spain.



We currently provide the certified Basic Training in English and Spanish.

For any information regarding how to arrange your trip to attend the course please get in contact with us.


* Trainee laptop requirements:

  • Processor: i3 2.2 GHz or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • HDD: 5 GB  free disk space
  • Display: 1280 x 1024 or larger
  • USB-port (recommended)
  • Operating Systems: Windows 7 with SP1 (64-Bit), Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-Bit), Windows Server 2012 R2 (64-Bit), Linux RHEL7 (64-Bit), Open Suse 13.1 (64-Bit) or CentOS 7.0 (64-Bit)
  • Software: Excel (recommended)


While it is important to learn the basics of WinCC OA, it does certainly not imply success. WinCC OA provides with a very powerful open architecture allowing for highly customizing and extending WinCC OA to develop an specific solution. Therefore, there are many possible approaches and design choices to be taken to bring a whole project to a successful end. This training is designed for Engineering teams of a System Integrators that want to become our partners, for end clients that want to train their engineering team to collaborate with us or for a combination of both. The aim of the training is to setup the ground for the development of a high quality solution in the shortest time.

Some of the topics addressed during our training are:

  • Smart Nodes
  • Framework and OEM concept
  • Best practices
  • Development approach:
    • Source control
    • Software quality analysis
    • Software testing, Unit Test, Automated Testing
    • Coding standards
  • Deploying to production
    • Software packaging
    • Application update installation

For more information regarding pricing and and how to book your virtual seat for next sessions get in contact with us.


Project Specialist – Siemens Mobility MM – Intelligent Transportation Solutions

In 2016 SIEMENS ITS sent me to Colombia to create a new department from scratch. It was an interest challenge that Cleverdist made real thanks to its training and coaching program. Beyond than a really professional approach, I want to underline the spirit and unique mindset that Cleverdist inculcated into our team members, including their culture of questioning things regardless of for how long industry has been making them in a fixed way:  “it can always be done better”. Thank you Cleverdist.

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