Conceptual Design

From simple control loops to antimatter, at Cleverdist we have seen all level of complexity. Whatever your company does, we will quickly understand your business and the problems that need to be solved – regardless of how unusual they might be.  We take into account the projected growth of your business within the context of the market in which you operate as well as the rapid evolution of technology.  Beginning with a deep analysis of your immediate needs and a documentation of your requirements, we provide you with a perfectly adapted conceptual solution.


Solution Architecture

At Cleverdist we excel not only in conceptualization but  we have extensive experience in producing detailed solution architectures. Due to our background working with large-scale, long-term projects, and our understanding of the ongoing Industry 4.0 revolution, we understand well how to transform concepts into real scale solutions, anticipating problems down the line. Beyond fulfilling all the functional requirements, we create solutions that address maintenance, efficiency, upgradability, reliability and availability, each according to the customer’s current and future needs.  In line with our philosophy, we not only provide you with working solutions for today, but solutions you can self-sufficiently maintain and grow into the future.

System integration

Integrate or fail …

Integration is one of the main paradigms at Cleverdist. We know how important it is to be efficient. Integrating systems is essential to achieve maximum global efficiency and have a maintainable system. Our designs for system integration also address homogenization and standardization, reducing maintenance effort and easing future system modifications. We guide you into smoothly integrating your systems, minimizing the impact and interruptions in operations.  We are experienced with the most novel IT technologies and bring systems together by creating a global system backbone of shared IT infrastructures. Stand-alone systems are the thing of the past.


Supervisory systems

Unmanned, partly or fully manned supervisory systems are essential to the success of a control system. At Cleverdist we know how to create an intelligent top layer that is able to analyze cross-system information, make important decisions and prevent unwanted situations, thus optimizing the overall operation of a system. We have superior experience in creating logical system models which can be used to operate systems in an intuitive, safe and sophisticated way. Our supervisors can include the most modern, up-to-date expert systems (interpretation, instruction, prediction, etc.) to automate operation and/or ease operator crew activities. We also provide intuitive HMI solutions: operation panels, alarm screens, access controls systems, etc., all meticulously adapted to our customer needs.

Smart City / Integrated City Solutions

At Cleverdist we are bringing order to the Smart City arena. We believe that automated intelligent cities cannot be implemented over a base of non-integrated, dumb infrastructures and services. Cleverdist has introduced the concept of an industrial city backbone infrastructure, allowing for city systems and services to be interconnected in a homogenous, safe and industrial-like way. Our backbone solution is based on open architecture technologies, which allow for easy maintenance, enhancements, extensions and facilitates urban R&D. With this base setup, Cleverdist brings its cutting-edge technology and experience to provide advanced applications to improve the overall efficiency of cities and to increase the quality of life for its citizens. We provide consulting services to different cities. Our Managing Director provides consulting to the Smart Canton initiative in Geneva, Switzerland.


SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture

At Cleverdist, our consultants in SIMATIC WinCC OA are the most qualified in the field. Not only do we have the technical knowledge with the software but also a decade of experience developing systems with it. We are at ease with both the use of built-in WinCC OA drivers as well as with the development of custom-made ones. We automate the creation of systems from scratch by using mass configuration tools. We use logical representations of systems for operation in combination with automated or manned Finite State Machines control trees, expert systems, sequencers, etc. We have unparalleled experience in the definition and configuration of efficient alarm system structures and in the prevention of alarm avalanches using reduction mechanisms. Based on years of use, we have acquired a deep knowledge in the area of WinCC OA redundancy setup. We can also connect WinCC OA to any external corporate and/or third party system or Web Portal. Our WinCC OA panels provide the most efficient operation and integration for the most advanced technologies: 3D animated and interactive visualization, powerful Web components, dynamic panel generation, etc. WinCC OA is truly our domain.


Integration of petrochemical plant hardware : valves (digital and analog), pumps (w/ and w/o variator), regulated heat exchangers, flowmeters & flow-metering systems, totalizers, analog/digital sensors, magnetrols, etc. using different protocols S7, Modbus, OPC, serial protocols/vendor-made protocols. Automatic generation of SCADA from external configuration files. Experience interfacing and replacing existing DeltaV and PCS7/WinCC systems. Intuitive navigation across the various areas on the different terminals. Filtering of alerts by navigation area tool. Hierarchical alert structure with alert reduction system preventing alert avalanches and efficiently summarizing plant status.

Development of integral system providing video wall, area navigation, operations control, global alert monitoring, truck waiting area screens, arrival and scale totems, loading bay operator thin-clients, etc. Automatic truck loading. Multi-user concurrent operation and different levels of authority. Desktop, mobile, tablet and web-based operation. Window, Linux or a combination of both OS in a distributed system as needed. Role-based user access control. Synchronization with corporate user management systems (Active Directory, LDAP, etc.) Password based or card reader based authentication.

Modeling tools for plant PID digitalization: consistency verification, re-circulation loops, etc. Circuit path and lines administration. Circuit path editor allowing to keep MES product paths up to date. Ship, train, truck, tank to tank, pipe-in and pipe-out and other operations supported. Multi-path operations supported. Operation planning wizard: path selection or dynamic new path creation, future collision detection for operation and product incompatibility verifications integrated. Printed and digital work order generation. Dynamic operations displays presenting the selected paths with all related sensors, totalizers, valves, pumps, etc. Estimation on final tank levels and final times. Operation helper and sequencer.  Tracking of hoses (seals), samples, inspector measurements, etc.



At Cleverdist we have experience consulting and helping on the development of Traffic and Tunnel control solutions as well as Rail Infrastructure and passenger information systems. We have provided our services to large engineering corporations like Siemens Colombia, Siemens Madrid or Siemens Mobility Headquarters in Germany. Our designed Industry 4.0 solutions are alive products ready to adapt to the fast changing mobility market demands.

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