Industry 4.0 is not about specific technologies, it’s about when and how to use them

A revolution is changing industry as we know it; a transformation that is bringing great opportunities: the so-called Industry 4.0.

While today this fourth revolution has already started, most are still spending a big effort in digesting the quickly growing amount of literature, which is defining the subject from different- some times unaligned – perspectives. At Cleverdist we provide you with a clear definition of Industry 4.0 adapted to your specific company.

Industry 4.0 is NOT about specific technologies but rather about how to choose, use and glue them together for a specific context and industry.

Industry 4.0 is not about speed, it is about acceleration

If there is one main difference from the 3rd Industrial revolution, it is the increasingly rate at which -regardless of business – we need to take strategic decisions to thrive in a world of technological acceleration.

For this reason, developing or buying a system which is using even the latest and most trendy technologies available to fulfill only today’s needs will NOT help you profit from the Industry 4.0 revolution opportunities.

Cleverdist staff has a long experience in designing and developing system that are made, not only to fulfill the most demanding requirements, but most importantly, systems that are made to be flexible, scalable, extensible and highly maintainable. We deliver systems that are designed to quickly adapt to your decisions and strategical business changes, avoiding undesired time and cost impacts.


In the world of Industry 4.0 it is crucial for any business to become (and remain) state-of-the-art.  It is not necessarily decisive to use the latest hardware or software system. Instead, what really makes the difference is to have flexible and adaptive operation cyber-physical systems, which can very quickly incorporate any newly arriving component that could be disruptive in a market. At Cleverdist we help companies to quickly develop or transform their operation systems to acquire that required flexibility.

What can Cleverdist do with you?

  • Analyze and asses the technological-readiness of your company operation systems. If you haven’t completed this exercise yet, we help you in understanding where exactly you are standing from a technological point of view. We bring to your attention your weaker and less flexible parts, those that could put your company at risk of disruption in the near future. Building a sophisticated layer on top of a weak or inflexible digital infrastructure is a perfect recipe to failure.
  • Digitalize your business in a maintainable way. Most of the companies we find in our everyday business have hardly completed (or even started) a transition to Industry 3.0. To reach a state where your company can adapt to disruptive changes, you need first to digitalize and fully integrate your business systems.  It is not only about getting integrated, but also about how that integration is implemented. From Cleverdist we help you in evaluating your assets, study the different possibilities and  design a solution architecture providing a flexible backbone with a replaceable module-based infrastructure, that allows for quick adaptation when needed. Cleverdist helps you with this transition.
  • Innovate and disrupt your market. At Cleverdist we don’t sell solutions pretending to tell you how you should run or operate your business.  If you have a vision about how you want to do it, where you should get stronger and more competitive or which are your weaker points you need to cover for, the Cleverdist Industry 4.0 consulting team will build upon this vision and quickly create a fitting technological infrastructure and solution.


The Cleverdist Industry 4.0 Consulting team is focused on bringing the maximum value in the shortest time. We make sure we participate in the parts where it really matters, and we work with our clients and their regional System Integrators building the necessary knowledge and expertise for them to complete, extend and maintain their operation systems.

Syed Feroz Raza

Sr Account Director – L&T Technology Services

We collaborated with Cleverdist in the design  and implementation  of a new asset monitoring system  for an automotive OEM. Cleverdist expertise and knowledge  in building  engineering frameworks to  optimize development and minimize maintenance effort is indeed noteworthy. We believe that by working together, we can discover, develop, and deliver the best value for customers.


System Architect, Engineering –  Siemens Germany Mobility HQ

Our cooperation with Cleverdist started in 2016. Since then, we have been getting the best outputs, in time and quality, on the projects where they have been involved. They have shown a high level of competitiveness and professionalism on all the assigned tasks. Particularly, their consultancy style is very cooperative and their approach has always been well grounded and realistic.

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