WinCC OA meets 3D… again

(Update! Find here our new native WinCC OA 3D widget)

Using 3D technologies with WinCC OA is not new for us here at Cleverdist. Already back in 2005 our Director developed the first 3D interface that could be embedded in a WinCC OA panel. It was presented at international conferences and featured on the front cover of CERN´s prestigious Particle Physics magazine. Find here more about our exclusive WinCC OA services.

CERN CourierThis first 3D widget was created to read from a geometry database the geometrical information organized in more than three million detector logical parts of the LHC CMS experiment. The widget would then draw a set of preselected parts on a 3D canvas; these parts could be grouped and dynamically animated (color, transparency, etc.) by being associated to the states of the devices and the subsystems modeled in WinCC OA. The idea of using 3D for the visualization of a big experiment was to be able to provide geometrical error correlations. Imagine an electronic, very compact and huge machine (the size of a five-storey building) made of several subsystems. Even if one drew a substantial number of 2D panels representing the systems from different points of view; it would still be almost impossible to provide a simple set of views to help an operator quickly correlate two events connected to, in principle, unrelated system. Consider the following example, one of the numerous cooling water pipes  from a particular subsystem running across the detector has a leak somewhere near the top of the experiment; some other unrelated subsystem’s high voltage channels are tripping somewhere near the bottom. The 3D interface could render the detector parts that were not in an ERROR state semi-transparent and show in solid red the ones in ERROR, thus providing the operator with a useful view to correlate the problems: a water leak near the top + electronics tripping some meters right below.


Today, Cleverdist is “connecting the dots” once more to bring to you a new experience in state-of-the-art visualization. In collaboration with CL3VER company (2 Clever or too Clever?), Cleverdist has worked on the development of a bridge to connect WinCC OA to their 3D Web visualization software. CL3VER’s platform caught our attention since, in contrast to other 3D web visualization solutions, it provides a very smart and powerful editor to easily load any CAD files, setup cameras, create information panels, etc. just as if one were preparing a PowerPoint presentation. For this prototype, Cleverdist developed two components: a listener that runs on CL3VER’s 3D web software side and a controller that runs on WinCC OA through its Ultralight Web client. This is how one can easily combine a self-made 3D scenario with a WinCC OA Ultralight panel and, for example, connect alarms to animations, or WinCC OA datapoint values to information panels, textures, transparency setting and so on. Would you like to know more about it? Contact us! Find here more about our exclusive WinCC OA services.

Stay tuned, we are far from done.

(update: have a look at our new WinCC OA 3D EWO  here)

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