Industrial Automation and Control Software has undergone rapid change in the last decade. There remains, nonetheless, a thriving market for automation engineers who are knowledgeable and experienced in the technical aspects such as programming a PLC, installing a DCS or configuring a MES. However, there is also an increasing demand for a broader, more applied experience in the design and development of large and sophisticated industrial software integrated solutions – and this is where Cleverdist surpasses its competitors. We have a proven ability to maximize the global efficiency of a business, while keeping maintenance efforts to a minimum and simplifying operation.

Our Industry 4.0 team members are highly qualified; able to understand and work with even the most sophisticated requirements. Drawing on our experience in scientific research, we are completely at ease with international industrial standard as well as with the design and implementation of custom made, out-of-the-box solutions. Furthermore, our privileged position allows us to consult with top quality industrial and research networks as well as to serve as intermediaries for industrial-to-research collaborations.

Our work philosophy differs from that of our competitors: our solutions are created in such a way that our customers can, autonomously or by means of their local integrators, easily maintain, upgrade and extend the functionality of their systems in the face of steep technological evolution. While we remain available to provide you with continued consultation on upgrades or integration for new systems, our solutions are not designed to create dependency on our services. We not only bring your business up-to-date with the most modern technologies and methodologies; we also provide you and your integrators with the means to stay that way for the long term.

Cleverdist will impress you from the very first meeting. Get in contact with us today to quickly improve your industrial software systems.

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