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ICS Consulting & Services for Bogota Water Authority

Since 2018 we provide Industrial Control System consulting and development services for Bogota (Colombia) Water Authority. These services include upgrading of existing SCADA, IT/OT feature improvement and well as second level support for their main control center.

Collaborating with siemens Gamesa in 4.0 wind power software solutions

A group of Cleverdist WinCC OA specialists started providing support to a Siemens Gamesa team in the German city of Hamburg. This team is developing a 4.0-like Wind Power solution with a state-of-the-art architecture and design, applying the best programming and engineering practices and making use of the very latest WinCC OA features. It is a great pleasure to work in such an efficient environment where our team can bring the highest value. Go Siemens Gamesa!

Industry 4.0 engineering framework

We recently released a personalized Industry 4.0 engineering framework for a car manufacturer in the USA. This framework is a software platform for the development of our customer’s asset monitoring systems. It provides powerful engineering tools and reusable monitoring functionality for the rapid deployment of new systems in tandem with the fast evolution of plant assets. The software platform ensures commonality between systems, enabling scaling up while keeping the maintenance effort under control, guaranteeing continued project velocity into the future. The WinCC OA based solution builds upon the Smart Nodes object-oriented engineering tool from Cleverdist.

Released solution for rail & metro infrastructure

Major release of a system designed and engineered for Siemens Mobility with the purpose of monitoring and controlling Rail & Metro infrastructures. Following our suggestion, we have developed an Industry 4.0-like solution allowing for fast-engineering, scalability, extensibility and maintenance simplification across projects worldwide. The newly released version will now be used by Siemens Mobility Engineering teams in two Metro projects.

Storage Terminal Systems Integration for Vopak Terquimsa

We work closely with Vopak in the development of an R&D innovative solution for the integration of their enterprise systems with their Industrial Control System. We designed and created for them an Operations Management control system providing a maintainable digital shadow of their terminals and digitalize their operations interfacing both with the hardware plant control systems and their ERP and other numerous 3rd party systems.

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