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Industrial IoT Edge Solutions

Ideal for System Integrators and End Users


High Connectivity

Our Edge Solutions connect to any sensor and equipment through most Industrial and IoT communication protocols.

Simple Use

Industry leading technology embedded allows for simplify and fast system engineering.

Performant & Reliable

Our industry-proven technologies provide high performance and reliability for demanding situations.

Best Market Price

We offer the most affordable Industrial IoT Edge system in the market.

Your Edge solution running tomorrow from 9.5 EUR/month!

Cleverdist team has exclusive Industrial and R&D experience. Using this experience, we have created an industrial data acquisition architecture enabling reliable communication between systems on the Edge and also between Edge systems and Cloud-based applications. Our novel architecture allows for unbeatable market price. In addition, our special data architecture allows us to distribute our Edge Solution as installable software packages, so you can use your favorite Edge computers (from Raspberry PI to industrial servers) and have your Edge solution intercommunicating all your systems and applications in very short time. No hardware, no shipping costs and time if you chose so.
IoT Managed Edge Calculator - enter data ...
1. The number of 50 tag packages you need. OPC UA, OPC DA , S7 and MQTT communication included
2. If needed, choose additional protocols and number of packages using them
3. Number of Edge packages using Modbus

4. Number of Edge packages using BACnet

5. Number of Edge packages using SNMP

6. Number of Edge packages using IEC 101                                                                   
7. Number of Edge packages using IEC 104                                 
8. Number of Edge packages using Profinet. Excluding hardware (e.g. profinet card)                                              
9. Number of Edge packages using Ethernet IP                              
10. Number of Edge packages using Omron FINS

11. The total number of tags read by your IoT Edge systems

12. Your monthly subscription cost for your IoT Managed Edge systems
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Our base Edge packages include OPC UA client, OPC DA client, S7 and MQTT communication. If you need additional protocols, you can select how many of your 50 tag data packages needs each of the protocols. If you need a protocol that is not in this list, get in contact with us for prices. We can also provide OPC UA server or Modbus server to have your Edge system serving data to other industrial systems (e.g. SCADA to DCS, MES to SCADA/DCS etc.) or to publish IoT measurements into your own SCADA systems (IoT to SCADA).
If you need a turnkey solution, we can supply the Edge Software in a ready to use industrial micro-computer adapted to your specific reliability and availability needs. Our software can operate in a range of operating systems and hardware platforms. However, you can also decide to make big savings on hardware and shipping by using your own computers and installing the Edge solutions. We can collaborate also with your local system integrator.

Choose  your IoT Edge Solution

IoT Managed Edge

When you want to have industrial-grade quality for communicating your application with Edge equipment at the best possible price, our IoT Managed Edge is the best options available in the market.
  • When you need a rugged industrial solution for Edge data acquisition at an affordable cost
  • Convenient and best market price when we can manage remotely your Edge system
  • Only way you can fit a reasonable budget for a multi-location system with small number of signals per site
  • If you want to pay only when you are using it
From 9.5 EUR/month.
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IoT Premium Edge

Our Premium Edge solutions provides the highest market performance, reliability and functionality. If you need state-of-the-art IoT features and you cannot afford any possible downtime, this is your solution.
  • For high performance requirements
  • When High Availability is needed
  • For Mission Critical needs
  • If you need custom logic
  • When you need a historian built-in on the Edge
  • To intercommunicate industrial onsite systems
From  2'800 EUR. Contact us for more information and request additional features.

Key Features

Broad Connectivity

Connect to industrial equipment or IoT sensors with our connectivity options providing  support for : OPC UA, OPC, SIMATIC S7, MQTT, PROFINET/PROFISAFE, TLS, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, SNMP, BACnet, SSI, IEC 60870-5-101, -104, DNP3, SINAUT, IEC 61850/61400.

Simple Configuration

A simple IoT Engineering tool allows you to configure the connection to your equipment and sensors at light speed. Use the same tool that companies like Siemens, Honda or Yunnex use to standarize and speed up their control system developments.

Modern Historian

If needed, our Edge Premium solution will archive your IoT data on the Edge in an embedded InfluxDB database. You can then query this database from your platform or application, and visualize the data using a build-in Grafana web interaface provided by the Edge system.

Turn Cost On and Off

Decide when to turn on and off your Edge device and pay only for the time you use it (available for our Manager Edge device). Get a highly realiable solution at a cost matching your real use.

Advanced Options

If your have specific needs for your fleet of IoT Edge devices, get in contact with us, we have done many customizations to adapt to specific needs.

Alarmis and notifications, user interfaces, trending, and much more.

Compatible with Microsoft Azure

If you are using Azure or Azure IoT for your platform, our Edge solutions are ready to stream data to your IoT or Event Hubs. With this approach you can bring data acquired with multiple industrial protocolos reliably into your Azure application.

Use Your Edge Computer

Optionally provide your own hardware and we deploy our Edge system (available for Premium and Managed). Use this way your prefered Edge hardware with the best Edge system available.

Connect Systems

You can connect your industrial systems (SCADA to DCS, SCADA to MES, PLC to SCADA/MES) using our solution as an Edge server. Likewise, you can connect to other applications or IoT Platforms (PLC to MQTT, Modbus to MQTT, PLC to Azure) using this Edge solution as an Internet of Things gateway.
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