Our exclusive 3D widget, fully integrated with WinCC OA,  is used to enhance the monitoring of large systems by providing a realistic three-dimensional view allowing for online geographical data correlations. More than a decade of experience in 3D and SCADA technology were put together for the development of this widget.

Using our 3D component, users can freely navigate and interact with the 3D scene where the volumes and shapes will change color or display data in text format representing the state of the related sub-system, physical devices or processes. Objects in the scene are clickable allowing to open standard WinCC OA panels with additional information. The scene camera is also fully controllable from WinCC OA.


Why a 3D interface?

A 3D interface is not just a cool fancy feature for a control system. It has proven to be very efficient in presenting to an operator useful geo-correlated information that allow to understand events caused by systems that are not necessary related.
The following example, very close to a real case where the widget was used, illustrates well one of its uses. Imagine a large monitored infrastructure, that would span over different floors and a big surface. A water leak in some 3rd floor reported by a lead detection system could in principle have no relationship with some electrical equipment from a completely unrelated system tripping in a totally different level. However, a three-dimensional view would intermediately show to the operator electrical trips are, the malfunctioning hardware, is exactly in the vertical axis of the leak, which is potentially many levels above.

The above is just an example of how geographically correlation can be important to provide additional information for the monitoring of a system. With an interactive 3D view you potentially have unlimited 2D views of the system.

Technical Details

  • Developed as a WinCC OA EWO widget, accessible from WinCC OA GEDI
  • Loads all common 3D scene formats (3DS, FBX, DFX, OBJ, etc.)
  • Provides a WinCC OA Ctrl API allowing to:
    • Control volume colors
    • Control shape transparency
    • Insert and update texts in the 3D scene
    • Control the camera position

Cleverdist is not selling standalone licenses of this EWO extension. This extension is accessible to our partners and end clients as part of our services, working with them in assessing their needs and finding the best way to integrate it with their systems. Get in contact with us for more information.

Smart Nodes for WinCC OA

Smart Nodes is all about productivity. Smart Nodes is an engineering and run-time tool fully developed in WinCC OA scripting languages that multiplies the engineering productivity and significantly reduces the maintenance effort. Smart Nodes was developed by various senior WinCC OA Computing Scientists (all with more than a decade of WinCC OA intensive experience) and its backed up by a long experience in developing frameworks to speed-up the development with WinCC OA.  Smart Nodes hides the complexity of WinCC OA considerably reducing the learning curve for engineers new to this SCADA technology.


Smart Nodes create a new OO layer for WinCC OA dapatoint types structure allowing for modelling devices and systems as real classes and sub-classes, favoring the uniformity, code readability and re-usability across and within projects.

Smart Nodes is currently already in production in different Petrochemical plants as well as embedded in Siemens-made products.

Why Smart Nodes

Smart nodes is a productivity tool that will allow your engineers to save at least half of their developing time. It was developing putting together years of WinCC OA engineering know-how to speed developing by hiding recurring issues and tasks. Smart Nodes saves you time by:

  • Allowing you to faster desgin a system. Smart Nodes OO approach is specially indicated for UML-like design. In fact, Smart Nodes provides with a UML-tool interface allowing you to visualize exactly what the programmed system is doing. You can modify your system using Smart Nodes engineering tool and recreate the UML view to see your changes.
  • Smart Nodes OO approach allows for inheritance. This way you can create sub-device classes that can share methods, have new ones, or overwrite parent classes methods. With this, code re-usability helps to save time substantially.
  • Automatic code generation. Smart Nodes generate a great part of your WinCC OA Ctrl code. Our benmarks show that you write up to 30-40% less of code. This is not only less code to develop, but also less code to debug and maintain.
  • Smart Nodes homogeneity and device behavior encapsulation allows for much faster engineering.
  • Unit Test Framework. Test your code as you write or make Test Driven Development.

Smart Nodes is a perfect tool to easily develop and maintain WinCC OA OEM solutions.

Technical Details

  • Engineering user interface to create classes (manages datapoint types and their relationship automatically)
  • Automatic code generation for constructors, getters, setters, interfaces methods, etc.
  • Any level of inheritance and polymorphysm
  • Objects in memory (no actual datapoint elements created); very usefull for example for testing or for sharing transient object within the application
  • Singletons
  • Many useful standard classes
  • Automatic Testing support classes

Cleverdist is not selling standalone licenses of this engineering tool. Smart Nodes is used by our partners and clients in the projects where we are participating, to speed up development and ensure highly maintainable and flexible results. If you are interested in knowing more about Smart Nodes get in touch with us.


R&D SCADA Booster

In automation and control business, the exponential growth of technological ability lead to INDUSTRY 4.0

Keeping the pace of technology trend changes is a great challenge for SCADA vendors. Our SCADA Booster extends the functionality of any SCADA building a bridge between classical automation/control systems and the most modern IT and IIoT technologies.

Our current Booster version 1.0 explicitly address the use of open source time-based databases, provide unlimited web accessibility and address the problem of remote driver buffering. We are currently working in future extensions aiming to bring Artificial Intelligence and other advanced features in a coherent and maintainable way that would allow systems to evolve as fast as technology capability does.

Our SCADA Booster has been tested in R&D projects in combination with WinCC OA providing outstanding results.

Learn more about it

If you are interested in knowing more about how we can combine our Booster with our Industry 4.0 knowledge to boost your industrial systems get in touch with us.

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