SmartNodes++ for WinCC OA

SmartNodes++ is the simplest way to quickly develop high quality WinCC OA systems. It helps to considerably speed up developments whether the scope of work is a small HMI system or it is the largest and most sophisticated control logic.

One Solution, Four Modules and Thousands of Benefits

Made of a suite of 4 modules, it encapsulates WinCC OA complexity and most advanced functionality allowing progamers and engineers to quickly develop OA-based solutions by helping over the whole solution development life-cycle. Its features reduce development and maintenance cost:

  • ultra short learning curve with no need of much WinCC OA experience to benefit from its power – start producing very fast
  • testing quality control measurements integrated during the design and development – reduce costs related to bad practices and low code quality
  • favors work parallelization and its portability favors re-usability – avoid costs related to code repetition


Quikr designs solutions by generating fully functional Object Classes without having to bother about writing most of the code. Its SmartMenu generates WinCC OA Ctrl++ classes by means of simple commands. Quikr provides on the fly UML views of the generated classes and the relationships between them. A generic graphical interface can immediately be used to test any device instance without the need of drawing any panel.



Chekr creates test Classes and, on request from the developers, it generates test method templates to verify any desired cases. Chekr allows to runs all written test classes for a Class and on completion  provides a report on possible failures as well as on code coverage. These reports can be directly fed into SonarQube for code quality monitoring purposes. Chekr also takes care of setting up and tearing down the  test environment.



Moldr crafts the application building modls that define in a flexible way how hardware will be addressed, how alerts will be triggered, how values will be archived and how any other required settings will be configured. Moldr also takes the responsibility of generating and updating the templates files that would be used later by engineers to define the system instances. It can also be used to generate the different system views (plant model).



Muchr loads into a WinCC OA system the engineering files containing the solution instances and all of their configurations. Muchr verifies the consistency and reports to the engineer or integrator  the differences between the engineering files being imported and the current system configuration. This highly simplifies the integration of developments and provides with a higher control on the upgrade of configurations of a live system.

SN++ Technical Details

SmartNodes++ is fully developed using the latest WinCC OA Ctrl++ Object-Oriented language and WinCC Ctrl Extension. Some of its main technical features are:

– Generates high quality and fully functional Ctrl++ classes on demand: constructors, getters and setters.
– Provides with a visualizable interface and creates Object Oriented panels for devices.
– Provides with an intelligent Smart Menu that learns the development context and provides suggestions.
– Encapsulates Ctrl++ Classes and DpType generation ensuring their consistency
– Provides a persistence layer for Ctrl++ objects.
– Generates testable code and provides with a tool to execute and report on test results.


How to start getting the best of SmartNodes++

SmartNodes++ is your best option in any WinCC OA related scenario:

  • You  would like to have your team get their hands on the tool suite and start developing immediately.
  • You would like to establish a collaboration with Cleverdist becoming an SmartNodes++ integrator partner for small to medium projects or SCADA migrations
  • You would like to partner with us for specific complex or large projects
  • You would like to have our team designing and fully developing a large or complex project

Cleverdist is as adptative as its tools so let us know any other scenario in which you believe we could work together and lets bring the right speed and quality to our developments!

ZoomIn3D for WinCC OA

Combine the best of both data and visualization information to reach a whole new level of understanding of your operations. Provide your system with a real 3D representation animated with online data.

Operational Technology systems are made of three-dimensional devices and infrastructures. Classical synoptic representations will normally hide some system perspectives and viewpoints. A 3D live representation, with its infinite viewpoints, provides very valuable spatial correlation information. This better understanding of the system and its current status leads to better and faster decision making.


Why a 3D interface?

You literally bind model and data together within the same view . With ZoomIn3D, your solution becomes the hyphen between a mental picture of your system and the reality. ZoomIn3D uses a powerful API to link your system status (values, events, alert, etc.) to your 3D models by changing the properties of its shapes, e.g. colors, transparencies, viewpoints, text values, and more.

Technical Details

– Two ways to control your cameras
Let the operator chose the camera position or program your system to bring the appropriate viewpoint based on your system status.
ZoomIn3D provides an interface to move the camera on operator’s demand by using for example the mouse or a touch screen. It also provides an interface to program automatic camera position based on system events and alerts.

– Support for multiple 3D formats
Drop your 3D model and start working, that easy, ZoomIn3D currently supports a wide range of standards 3D format types.

– High performance
Our solution uses one of the most powerful rendering engines to ensure you the best possible experience while you navigate across different screens using animated 3D models containing real time information. It runs smoothly in basic laptop.

– Fast and Easy Implementation
Speed is part of our corporate DNA. We have simplified the process to integrate your own models into your operational user interfaces. You can have operation screens with 3D models animated with your data in a matter of minutes.

If you are interested in trying this software get in contact with us and we will send you the tool with a demo license .

R&D SCADA Booster

In automation and control business, the exponential growth of technological ability lead to INDUSTRY 4.0

Keeping the pace of technology trend changes is a great challenge for SCADA vendors. Our SCADA Booster extends the functionality of any SCADA building a bridge between classical automation/control systems and the most modern IT and IIoT technologies.

Our current Booster version 1.0 explicitly address the use of open source time-based databases, provide unlimited web accessibility and address the problem of remote driver buffering. We are currently working in future extensions aiming to bring Artificial Intelligence and other advanced features in a coherent and maintainable way that would allow systems to evolve as fast as technology capability does.

Our SCADA Booster has been tested in R&D projects in combination with WinCC OA providing outstanding results.

Learn more about it

If you are interested in knowing more about how we can combine our Booster with our Industry 4.0 knowledge to boost your industrial systems get in touch with us.

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