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Efficient, reliable and mantainable solutions

About Cleverdist

Efficient, reliable and mantainable solutions

Cleverdist is a world leader in Industry 4.0 setting a new standard in the design and integration of large software and control systems.

At Cleverdist we serve a wide range of industries (petrochemical, oil & gas, energy, transportation, water & wastewater, nuclear, building automation and research) by providing a set of control system related services such as conceptual design and prototyping, solution architecture, integration with ERP, custom MES development, supervisory systems, smartphone and web applications and portals. We also provide training and staffing.

Launched in 2013, Cleverdist’s board includes experienced members from industry as well as from renowned international research organizations. These individuals had leading and decisive roles in the design and construction of the largest, most complex – and industrially unprecedented -high energy physics control systems. Their know-how and expertise is backed-up by hundreds of peer review publications in international computing and science journals (staff with H-index > 50).

At Cleverdist our staff has many years of experience in the design and development of control systems for the world’s most advanced scientific experiments. This experience allows our highly qualified consultants to adapt and to understand the needs of even the most complex businesses and infrastructures of today. We are experts in confronting novel problems and thinking “outside of the box” to provide creative solutions.

Our consultants have decades of experience building and operating systems, which has allowed us to develop the skills necessary for predicting the evolution of a system and the know-how to design solutions which minimize long-term maintenance efforts. We can provide system modularity to ease upgradability and minimize learning time for new engineers and operators, ensuring that operations are not affected by personnel rotation over the years.

Working in the topmost research environments, our core team has had the opportunity to work with the latest, cutting edge technologies in several fields. We can coherently develop and integrate systems using computer vision, augmented reality, virtual reality, neuronal networks – and more – into any control system, enhancing systems and producing results which surpass expectations.

At Cleverdist we have at our disposal a large network of highly experienced contacts; we bridge the gaps between research and industry to facilitate technology transfer most efficiently and profitably. We can also provide training and staffing services directly or by means of our partners worldwide.

Dr. Robert Gomez-Reino

Managing Director

Dr. Gomez-Reino has dedicated more than a decade to the design, development, integration and commissioning of control systems for one of the world largest scientific experiments at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) – the world’s leading High Energy Physics laboratory.

Gomez-Reino was the leading control system architect and deputy Controls Coordinator for the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment, a key player in the detection of the Higgs Boson.The discovery of this particle led to the Nobel Prize in Physics being awarded to Professors Francois Englert and Peter Higgs in 2013.

Dr. Gomez-Reino’s work is well known in the scientific community: in 2009, CERN awarded him for his “decisive contributions to the CMS LHC experiment control system”. Today in industry, he is often requested for reviewing and auditing solutions for industrial systems.

Dr. Gomez-Reino is a board member of Geneva State Industry 4.o think-tank, a Swiss initiative with the mandate of bringing regional awareness of the opportunities and risks of the ongoing industrial revolution. Gomez-Reino is also a consultant for Geneva Smart City initiative.

Oliver Holme

Head of Technology Solutions

Holme is extensively experienced in working with large SCADA systems, having an emphasis on handling highly heterogeneous distributed systems. He is specially focused in optimizing development and maintenance effort by building systems on established products/reusable frameworks and using continuous quality assessment metrics.

Holme led a complete top down analysis of a large SCADA application (millions of tags); identifying areas to be improved in functionality, performance and security.

He is specialized in SIMATIC WinCC OA  software being one of the very few worldwide certified Trainers for this technology.

He has extensive experience in the development of Expert Systems. In addition, he has long experience in consulting and training in the field of control systems, Finite State Machine system modelling and other means of simplifying operation of large control systems. At Cleverdist, he is in charge of the team designing an the coordinating the implementation of large, heterogeneous control systems.

Dr. Lorenzo Masetti

Senior WinCC OA Architect

Dr. Masetti has many year of experience in Software Engineering. He was the main architect and lead developer of one of the largest and most complex WinCC OA control systems at CERN.

Lorenzo defended 2011 his Doctoral Thesis in Computing Science. This thesis described his innovative contributions to CERN LHC experiment control systems and his development of a WinCC OA-based Expert Systems.

Pavel Fiala

R&D Software Engineer

With over 10 years of professional experience, Pavel is an important pillar for Cleverdist Industrial Software R&D team. Extremely methodical and with an outstanding capability for problem abstraction and problem solving, he helps to design optimal solutions both for our projects and for our R&D team ensuring the highest quality.

Mindaugas Janulis

R&D Software Engineer

Janulis has demonstrated experience both in industrial and in fundamental research projects. He is well know for adapting to any environment and technology and always delivering outstanding results in the shortest time. After many years at CERN he devoted his skills to the medical research providing his expertise in the design, development and commissioning of one of the world’s leading Hadron-Onco-therapy Hostpitals.

Andrea Petrucci

R&D Software Engineer

In his early career stage, he contributed to design and development of the GRIDCC, a European Union research project. The project aim was to incorporate sensor measurements and run time control to the Grid computing alongside with compute and storage resources.

Andrea devoted more than a decade to the design, development, integration, commission and operation of the data acquisition and run control of the CMS experiment at CERN.

In 2013 CERN recognised his excellent work by the award of the CMS Young Researcher Prize for “his sustained and critical contributions to the design and implementation of many components of the Data Acquisition system of the CMS and to its operation”.

Andrea is a specialist in design and development of data acquisition and control systems providing unprecedented high performance.

Antonio Gambardella

Member of the Board of Directors

Antonio joined Fongit in 2014 and became its Director in 2015. He was previously the founding partner of a venture capital fund investing in technology, with headquarters in Switzerland, Italy and California. During this experience, he managed incubator activities for seed start-ups. Later, he made direct investments in innovative small-medium companies in Europe, with active roles in management and board of directors (sectors including telecom, software, cleantech, optics and luxury). Antonio holds a degree in Economics at Bocconi University in Milan (Italy) and he attended Singularity University in California.

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